Ventilation Products

Marty’s Skylights offer a range of high quality ventilation systems for domestic, commercial and industrial use. Our ventilators have been time tested and proven in the harsh Western Australian climate. All of our Ventilators are Australian Standards Certified and suitable for all roof types.

With over 25 years of experience Marty’s Skylights is number one for all ventilators and ventilation installations in Perth northern suburbs Western Australia.

Green-Vent solar attic extraction fan reduces heat build up in your roof space and removes moisture in the winter. The solar panel and fan motor have up to 25% more power than other fans. The 12 Watt solar panel rotates to ensure maximum available sunlight. Advanced design, more efficient ventilation while using no electricity. Guaranteed performance, no wind required. Ventilates up to 1250 square feet of roof space reducing energy costs. Thermostatically controlled and extremely quiet operation.

Supavent is a premium wind driven roof ventilator, which operates at high efficiency even in light wind due to aerodynamic design. It withstands severe weather conditions and won’t rust or corrode, UV resistant and strong dome for protection against hail and wind, full stainless steel bearings and comes in colours to suit all roof types.

The Turbobeam exhausts heat from the roof space and also adds some natural light into the roof space with its attractive clear acrylic head and reflective aluminium throat. Turbo beam is extremely quiet operation and has all the key features of the the Supavent.

Hurricane turbine wind powered ventilator is designed for industrial and commercial use. Unique vane design for outstanding performance even on still days, exhausts air and prevents condensation by exhausting moist air. This reduces static electricity levels by air exchange, removes noxious or explosive gases from process areas. Hurricane industrial ventilator is suitable for commercial and community buildings and schools

The Vent-A-Room system draws air from a room within the home and exhausts it directly through a roof mounted vent. Air movement can be controlled through the adjustable ceiling register.

Martys Skylights also install optional aluminium Eaves Vents with our ventilation systems.

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