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The HURRICANE turbine ventilator is wind powered and designed for industrial and commercial use. The Hurricane is widely recognised as the most efficient industrial ventilator available on the market today. Its unique vertical vane design provides outstanding performance and especialially at low wind speeds. It exhausts hot stale air from buildings and prevents condensation by exhausting moist air. Its low starting torque provides ventilation on virtually still days. Suitable for all roof types on industrial, commercial and community buildings including schools.


  • Corrosion resistant aluminium
  • Available in various throat sizes from 100mm to 900mm
  • Double row heavy duty ball bearing system
  • Reduces air temperature in a workplace
  • Lowers humidity levels
  • Reduces static electricity levels by air exchange
  • Removes various noxious or explosive gases from process areas
  • Withstands high wind velocities

For more information you can download the Hurricane Turbine Ventilator brochure. If you need additional information more specific to your requirements please contact us by phone or email.