1. How much extra light will a skylight give me?
There is no standard answer because of the variables that affect the performance of any skylight, such as the time of year, time of day, throat size, length of shaft, dome orientation on the roof, room size, wall colours and general décor. Plus general weather & ambient light conditions always affect the end result.

2. Does heat come through a skylight?
Some heat may want to come through the skylight because heat and light are directly related. Our experience indicates there is no appreciable Heat Gain or Loss in normal circumstances. Marty’s Skylights always supplies clients with an installation to deliver the right amount of light needed with minimal heat transfer. There are several options to provide more insulation from heat such as double glazed domes & ceiling panels.

3. Will my skylight leak?
No, our products are guaranteed against leaking. A Warranty is issued with every skylight, and Marty’s Skylights will guarantee the installation against any leaking.

4. What Warranty will my skylight have?
7 years manufacturers warranty on all products. The warranties vary throughout the range, please refer to our brochures for more specific product warranty information.

5. Does my interior colour scheme affect the performance of my skylight?
Yes it does, light bright colours will tend to reflect daylight around the room while dark colours will tend to absorb daylight. Adjusting the size or quantity will help to solve this problem.

6. Can I turn off daylight/moonlight in a bedroom?
Yes, a variable light control unit is available.

7. Can I have an electric light in my skylight?
Yes, an electric light is available.

8. Can I have ventilation with my skylight?
Yes, the standard Series 3 Sola Skylight, Sky Tunnels and Direct Skylights have the option of passive ventilation. Velux Windows offers openable windows for ventilation.